Know thyself.

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Welcome! I am Aline.

Naturopath and energy healer,
daughter of witches and druids.

Since 2011, I have served as a naturopath and energy healer.  I offer intuitive guidance to live with a joyous heart and be at peace with yourself.

Through traditional tools and contemporary energy healing, I care for your soul to allow you to shine bright in your own unique way.

I invite you to experience lightness of being and presence.  It’s time to dance with Life and ride her waves with courage.


The Rose Garden


I welcome you in my Rose Garden, my home, for one-on-one sessions and collective rituals and meditations.  Online work is also possible for your individual session.

The Rose Garden is a place to reconnect with yourself, with your heart’s wisdom and your inner guidance.

You are welcomed exactly as you are, wherever you are on your path, regardless of your sexual preferences, the gender you identify with, your cultural and social background, and your religious and philosophical beliefs.

I believe in the autonomy, freedom and sovereignty of all beings.  I believe in our creative genius and in our ability to rise from whatever life brings to the table.

We can overcome all challenges and transform them into an opportunity to grow more into ourselves.

I’m ready to Book my individual session.

A testimonial

I used to live with blocks, frustration, lack of self-confidence and despair. I was tired of all the challenges I was facing.

Shamanic naturopathy was a completely new experience. I didn’t know what to expect. I had never taken the time or the courage to stand up for myself, having always been of service to others. I used to be solely focused on my responsibilities. I was surprised by Aline’s listening skills, by the sharing, the practical advice and especially by the results which came little by little. It was a long road ahead but I benefited from her constant support along the way.

Some tangible effects of our work: clarity, freeing myself from guilt, wanting to take charge of my life, take care of my body, reigniting life projects, choosing a new direction, getting in touch with my desires, and above all carrying out my projects when I did not believe it to be possible.

I realized that by putting all of my tools to good use, many things are within my reach. It has brought me lots of joy and pleasure despite everything that has happened to me, and everything I have to deal with! Now I can still be sad, but never desperate! I still get stressed out at times but I manage quite quickly to move forward. I learned to appreciate the present moment, to stop from time to time in order to be fully there…

GO AHEAD ! LISTEN, BELIEVE in yourself, ACT AND witness what happens...
— M

Aline Rose small red.png

How to reconnect with joy.

A guided visualisation to unload limiting thoughts and invite ease in.

Download this free meditation and get occasional love letters and updates from the Rose Garden.

Download this free meditation and get occasional love letters and updates from the Rose Garden.

I respect your privacy and thank you for your interest in my work.