Caring for the soul is my calling.


I support you through major transitions and life challenges.

I’m there to guide you when you’re at a crossroads.

I help you birth projects, choose a direction, blossom, flourish and reconnect with your Self.

I teach you how to listen to your heart’s wisdom and create a solid relationship with your inner guide. I sow seeds of happiness and welcome you with open arms for deep one-on-one sessions. I often work with therapists, psychologists, doctors, healers and shamans who wish to take care of themselves and strengthen their own intuition. I run a course for practitioners called the Source to integrate the tools I use into their own practice.

I have no words for the joy and gratitude I feel for your presence in my world, for the love of my craft. Thank you for gifting me the opportunity to share my wisdom, my knowledge, my tools and my experience.
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My journey.


My deepest wish is that the key moments of my path will inspire you

to see the beauty in you, to believe in yourself,
to say YES to life and answer your soul’s calling.


As a child and teenager, I used to be constantly sick.  At 16, the journey to the underworld began with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and depression.  I completely lost myself.

I had a revolution at 25: I developed an interest in nutrition and wholesome lifestyles.  I engaged with alternative ways of healing. My outlook on life changed completely and I chose to shift the course of my existence.  Illness was no longer my identity.  Slowly I stepped into my power and cultivated autonomy.

I quickly decided to deepen my knowledge and to start studying naturopathy.  I followed my desire to share what I have learnt and experienced.  I made my dream come through to become self-employed and to become even more independent.  I opened my own naturopathic practice.

Spiritual path and personal evolution.

Long before I could name it, back when I was a wee child, I already felt a magnetic attraction to the unseen, the invisible.  I always felt on a quest for a meaningful life. I have been a mystic for as long as I can remember. I wanted to have a positive impact on the suffering I witnessed and had a need to contribute to my community.

Neo-shamanic practices, core shamanism and energy healing techniques have brought me back to the body, to embodiment.  It opened me up to a first-hand experience of the benevolent presence of the nature spirits and light beings I had sensed for such a long time.  Through the years, I learnt to communicate with them fluently and to share their messages and love for the human realm.

Contemporary Western shamanism has helped me accept that I am a human being incarnated in the material world and that I am wonderfully limited, imperfect and mortal.

I became aware of my participation in the Web of Life.  I felt and started trusting nature and life’s love and support.  I could finally stay grounded, centered, AND connected to Source and the Heavens at the same time.  I built bridges between worlds for others and myself.

Eventually I built up the courage to be vocal about my gifts and talents and celebrate them.  This helps me reveal the gifts and talents of my clients and that is so precious.

The Union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

Growing up, I hated being female.  I grew up to become a woman who distrusted and sometimes hated on other women.  Amazing witches, forward thinking artists, priestess sisters and adorable fairies crossed my path and cracked me wide open.

The more I embrace my femininity, the more I dare to show her, embody her, respect my cyclical nature, turn to the moon and the Goddess(es), the more I blossom as a woman and my love for women (including myself) grows.

I made peace with my mother, with our history.  It was astonishing to see her bloom and liberate herself.  She encouraged me to invite other women on this path and journey.  That is how my women’s circles were born.

My grandmother raised me in my younger years.  Later on, as an adult, she gave me the opportunity for my greatest initiation.  I supported her through breast cancer and in the end helped her soul journey when she passed.  My bond with both Life and Death became more intimate. This allows me today to create and hold space for those in need.

Painful experiences in my sexuality and romantic relationships pushed me to transform myself and rise as a phoenix.  The exploration of the divine feminine and the integration of the sacred masculine have invited pleasure, desire and love back into my life.  I discovered the intense power of a trusting open heart.

The Source.

2018: I decided to pass on the fruit of my labour and my experience.  I launched the practitioners’ course: The Source, caring for the soul.

The goal is to become self-sufficient in guiding others through intuition and energy healing.  My aim is to allow you to adapt my tools to your unique gifts and talents, to your own practice and personality.  A journey to discover and reveal your Self.


I grow and I stumble.


I’m learning to go with the flow, to cultivate gratitude and lightness of being.

Many joys, challenges, wins, pains and experiences still await me.  I look forward to all opportunities and possibilities and feel humbled by the teachings to come.  I hope to be able to share them with you, to journey with you, to grow and rise together with love and compassion.

Looking at the future...

Recently I’ve become aware of the issues of cultural appropriation and spiritual decolonization.  Deep ancient souls have pushed me to examine my language, behaviour and choices. It’s a blessing, an answer to my quest of finding home and belonging.  It nourishes my desire to reconnect with my lineage and cultural heritage. It is still a work in progress and a process of healing and shadow work, especially around my Catholic background.  My focus is now on embracing the legacy of witches past and druids, and on studying Christian gnosis. To be continued.

Welcome to the Rose Garden!


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Thank you very much Aline! It was wonderful having the opportunity to receive your light.
During this hour, I just lied down and relaxed. I felt like I was in trance and many thoughts came to me.
I will put your advice into practice. I plan to “change things”. I am very fierce to improve my vitality from now on.
After the session, above all I felt peace and calm. It was a really great feeling.
Magic happened working with you!
— Elena, Barcelona