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What needs to shift?

« Caring for the soul » individual sessions.


90 minutes devoted to you.

You and I will serve your unique path together.

We will reveal the opportunities presenting themselves to you.  We will support the emerging of your dormant gifts and talents. We will cultivate simplicity, peace, joy, softness, tenderness and bliss.  Let’s explore the meaning of the challenges you’re facing and get clear on their teachings.

Have you lost your direction?  
Do you feel like you’re drowning in your thoughts and emotions?  
Is your body hurting?
Are you longing to reconnect with your Self?

I offer intuitive guidance and energy work.

We will get started by honing down on your intention.  What do you wish to work on?  What do you desire? Where do you feel called?

When we’re feeling clear and aligned, we will move on to the energy work.  I remove energy blocks and lift resistance by using traditional tools and modern energy healing techniques.  I retrieve the resources that best serve your intention.  I share messages from your guides and from your soul when they wish to speak.

I guide you through visualisations to invite you into active participation in your own healing journey.  No experience is required. You can lay down on my massage table, fully clothed and under a comfortable blanket.  This is a time to relax and let go of what no longer serves you. A time to open up to your essence and to connect to your Source.

Aline Verheyen Natropath

I have a talent for supporting others in making their dreams come true.

First, we shed some light on your heart and soul’s true desires.  Then we decide together on small actionable steps or rituals you can implement and experiment with at home in your daily life.  Those help you integrate the benefits of the healing on a deeper level on the long run.  I support you through the process.

I teach you how to sustain your energy and how to direct it in an efficient way for you to achieve your goal.  I help you tuning into your own intuition. I encourage you to use your creativity and to fuel it with the whisperings of your inner child.  I show you how to ask the invisible world for help and support. Let the magic operate and participate in life’s dance!


Naturopathy and the body.


Integrating our work into the body and making it a part of our daily life, are two very important aspects for me.  If appropriate, I’ll give you some self-care advice or I’ll suggest the use of a flower remedy, some gemmotherapy or an aura spray.  

Get to know yourself better.

Are you in need of a change?  Is there an old way of thinking that doesn’t serve you anymore?  Do you want to let go of an old belief? Do you feel a desire for new habits, for a different outlook on life?

A chapter is ending and you’re ready to write a new page.  Numerology, tarot and oracle cards often open or end our session to gift us even more clarity and insights on your life challenges and experiences, on your soul calling.

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All the details.

One-on-one sessions are 90 minutes. Two options are available:

Meeting in person in my Rose Garden: Peter Benoitstraat 5 in Halle.

Online We’ll make an appointment and I’ll send you a Zoom link. This is a conference call platform. It is very user friendly and free.

Your investment: 70€.

You can book your session in my online calendar here.

I also welcome your children. Sessions vary between 30 and 60 minutes according to your child’s age and attention span. Those sessions are 50€. You can book their appointment right here.


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Working with Aline has helped me embrace my deepest self and dare to let Her out more fully in my life. This has helped me be more present and powerful as a mother, a healer, a wife, and a sacred medicine vessel. She has facilitated deep clearing of stuck energies, old patterns, and her specific, easy-to-follow implementation guidance ensures that the work has an impact long after our session is complete.

She is an ancient soul for modern times. Working with her will be an immense gift for which your future self will feel SO grateful!
— Lola Medicine Keeper, wildplayground.com


+ Are you replacing my doctor?

I don't have a medical degree. I have neither the skills nor the knowledge to diagnose you or manage your allopathic treatments. There are many caring, competent and responsive physicians. Run your network to find the right person for you. I support collaborations. I dream of combining the strengths of these two professional worlds. We have so much to contribute to each other. I do not have a degree in psychology and I do not offer psychotherapy.

+ What does a naturopath do?

A naturopath uses all of nature’s resources to support the body, mind and spirit. Whole foods, clay, hydrology, movement, breathwork, honey bee products and manual techniques like reflexology, are some of the tools we use. A healthy lifestyle and deep self-knowledge are the pillars of this way of life.

We suggest a wide range of practises to support the body’s capacity to detox and regenerate.

Most often, it is common sense and a choice to go back to nature. A search for a simple and eco-friendly life.

Naturopathy helps us to get the best out of what nature has given us. It supports us in taking care of our little aches and pains and in finding some relief when we’re dealing with a chronic condition. A naturopath doesn’t substitute your medical doctor. Although some M.D.’s are also naturopaths.

Naturopathy is all about prevention and self-care to improve our vitally, get some good quality sleep and digest like a champion!

+ Can you save me?


And I shouldn’t. I would deprive you of your most beautiful opportunities for growth. The stories you share with me and by the trust, you place in me move me to the core of my being. My heart is wide open for all of you.

I can offer my knowledge, my time, my experience, my skills in energy healing, nutrition, naturopathy, shamanism, and my intuition. I can give you presence, tenderness and care. I listen to you and I support you.

I pass on keys, tools and insights.

We are partners. We co-create. Half of your session happens at home, in your ordinary daily life.

Each process has its own rhythm. Can you give yourself the gift of time, patience and acceptance?

Every one of us is responsible for his or her own path and life. I cherish autonomy and independence.

+ Are faith and belief required?

I invite you to experience my work for yourself. I encourage you not to take my word for it. Don’t agree with everything I stand for based on preconceptions. Make up your own mind based on what you feel and notice.

If you notice benefits from your sessions, you’ll know. Come with an open mind and an open heart. Keep what suits you and leave what doesn't resonate with you.

I personally don’t run my life based on any kind of dogma. However, there’s no point in booking a session against your will, to please someone or to prove your point.

I invite you to come only if you sincerely feel the desire for it with enthusiasm and curiosity.

+ Do you use ayahuasca and other vision plants or hallucinogens

I have never worked with hallucinogens and I don’t offer that type of work for my clients.

I access altered states of consciousness by the rhythms of drums and rattles. Meditation is another way to achieve it.

+ Do you have any certifications?

Approche Chamanique de la Thérapie (neo-shamanic training in the line of Michael Harner’s work with core shamanism) – Ecole Nature Conscience et Chamanisme de Liliane van der Velde.

Degree in naturopathy (three-year training) – Institut d’Hygiène et de Médecine Naturelle, Namur.

Nutrition and Life coach – IHMN, Namur.

Degree in Causal Foot Reflexology (four year training) – An De Mulder.

Nadiki (energy healing) – Chris Wollaert, Alsemberg.

Advanced Moon Mother level 2 (Womb Blessing, Mentoring, Earth-Yoni Blessing) Miranda Gray, who I’ve translated and interpreted for.

Menstrual and lunar cycle, feminine archetypes – Red Moon, Miranda Gray.

Herbal Medicine for Women – Dr. Aviva Romm.

Reiki level 3 (and initiations to the energy of Isis, Merlin and Sirius) – Terre Nouvelle, Valérie Hoebeke.

Initiation au Rayon Violet, à la Flamme Violette et à l’énergie de Saint-Germain – Walter Bruneel.

Aura Soma level 2 – colour therapy for the soul.

Bach Flower Essences, level 2 – Véronique Heynen-Rademakers.

Nutrition and DMHT – Dr. Lucie Wetchoko.

Nutritional profiling – Taty Lauwers.

Emotional Freedom Technique, level 1 – Therapeutia, Brussels.

Harmonising massage – Espace Sérénité, Philippe Ferbuyt.

AESI English / Dutch (degree in foreign language teaching) - Institut Francisco Ferrer, Brussels.

Art history – Cinema and Television – University of Brussels.